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Recent Computer Science graduate looking for an entry level job in Orange County.

David Brown

5339 Los Monteros, Yorba Linda, CA 92887 | (714)692-3510 | DavidMB96@hotmail.comwww.DavidsArcade.com


An entry level job in Computer Science, where I can use my creative problem-solving skills.


California state university, fullerton | September 2014 – May 2018

·     Major: Computer Science

·     Graduated Summa Cum Laude May 2018

·     Grade Point Average: 3.91

·     Related coursework:

o Algorithms

o File Structure and Databases

o Mobile Device Application Programming (iOS)

o Software Engineering

o Web Front End Engineering for Internet Applications

o Web Back End Engineering for Enterprise Applications

o Python Programming

o Computer Communications

o Artificial Intelligence

o Assembly Language

o Compilers and Languages

o Principles of Computer Graphics

o Computer System Architecture

o Operating Systems Concepts

o Introduction to Game Design

o Statistics and Linear Algebra

Yorba Linda High school | june 2014

·     Recipient of award for outstanding student in Computer Science.

·     Grade Point Average: 4.18 (3.91 unweighted)

·     Related coursework: AP Computer Science A, AP Calculus BC (scored 5 on both AP tests)

·     Co-taught computer game programming classes for the Orange County Asperger’s Support Group.

Sample Software Projects (outside of class projects)

Bisector solver (2016)

·     Used to calculate the root of a nonlinear equation.

·     Paired with experienced programmer.

·     Developed using Test Driven Development methodology.

gaussian elimination (2015)

·     Solves sets of linear equations.

·     Includes error handling for singular matrices.

Chemical Reaction calculator (2015)

·     Given the molecules in a chemical reaction, this program calculates the stoichiometric coefficients

The windy taco game (2012)

·     A platform game where the user guides a character through 12 levels in a quest to stop a criminal.
Consuming “windy tacos” gives the character added abilities to jump higher.

·     Designed and programmed entire game including a “Platformer” base class that can be reused in other games.

·     Created all graphics and composed all music.

·     See DavidsArcade.com for a demo.


Languages and tools

·     C#, Python, PowerShell, cURL, Swift C++, Java

·     Microsoft Visual Studio, TFS

·     Wonderware System Platform

INTERNSHIP OCTOBER 2018-Present: Aveva Software, Lake Forest, CA, System Test Team

·     Participated in code reviews, bug logging, RPEs, Sprint Demo meetings, and other Agile processes.

·     Automated the process of creating hundreds of user accounts to stress test AVEVA Insight.

o Proposed and implemented a cURL-based design.

o Retrieves emails from Gmail and uses the body to generate the web requests that create users.

·     Developed PowerShell scripts to quickly setup Virtual Machines.

·     Designed and implemented tools to download and archive test metric data from Azure.

o Generates appropriate web requests in cURL.

o Converts data from Json to .csv format.

INTERNSHIP JUNE-OCTOBER 2018: Aveva Software, Cyber Security Team

·     Worked on software that scans Visual Studio projects for security vulnerabilities before release.

·     Integrated scanner with BinSkim.

·     Wrote tools that verify Visual Studio ruleset settings and build date.

INTERNSHIP MAY-AUGUST 2017: Schneider Electric, Lake Forest, CA, Cyber Security Team

·     Worked on file scanning tool with experienced software engineer.

·     Integrated scanner with BinScope.

·     Created website to allow uploading and scanning directories.



Dr. Will McCarthy

Dept of Computer Science (CS-522)

California State University, Fullerton

800 N. State College Blvd.

Fullerton, CA 92834

657-278-3700 (work)

213-294-3177 (cell)


Thomas Gallagher

Director,  SW QA Engineering

Aveva Software,

26561 Rancho Pkwy South

Lake Forest, CA 92630